Monday, January 28, 2008

Rheem & Edgar

Rheem and Edgar are my first engagement session of 2008! Not a bad way to start the year. They were such a fun couple to shoot; Edgar has a chill personality and Rheem has a smile that can light up the room! They're getting married in June, I already know from my conversations with Rheem that it will be a beautiful event.

Because it was raining so much in SF, we only shot part 1 of the engagement session. We will meet up once again in the Spring for part 2! For part 1, we started downtown SF and then headed to the Ferry Terminal.

I've been playing around more with the new post processing technique and applied more of it to this current engagement session. I really like the mood it gives the photos. Just so you'll see the difference, I am posting some of the before and after versions!

I really am digging this one!

Don't you like Rheem's shoes?

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jennifer said...

another hot couple! i love the textures.