Sunday, January 20, 2008

Haunted Sanitariums?

Roadtrips are the best and since I had a free day up in Tacoma, WA, I decided to take a day off and have fun. I found out about the ruins of this old and supposedly haunted Sanitarium in Tacoma, WA online. So of course, being a lover of ghost towns and supposedly haunted places, I had to check it out! I even got to meet up with a cool chick I met online. Gretchen and I have been talking about dogs and photography online so we decided to check out the ruins together. We really got lucky, the city was tearing down the ruins of the Sanitarium just right when we got there! There wasn't much left standing so after that we went exploring around the property.

There was a dog park nearby and look what we saw!

And some oldies of my niece =)

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