Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A doggie vacation!!

Some of you might know that I also photograph dog agility competitions and that I compete obsessively with my own dogs in a doggie sport called agility. Once a year, the obsessive competitors meet in Scottsdale, AZ for the Nationals. A thousand of best of the best dogs from the US and other countries around the world come to Scottsdale to compete and watch each other run. All trying to go for the gold. Think of it as the dog olympics!

So here I am, photographing and competing with my own dog, basically having a blast and bonding big time with my dog on my own doggie vacation. Sounds weird doesn't it? Heh. We will be here until Nov 5th, during this time, I will try to answer my emails as much as I can but please understand if there are delays. Meanwhile, wish us luck!!

If you're around Scotsdale, come down and see us at Westworld for a week long doggie fest! I'll try to post a couple pics from it just for fun!

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