Monday, March 31, 2008

Colleen & Matt's Special Afternoon

Colleen and Matt were married this past Saturday at Granite Bay Golf Club in a beautiful and tearful ceremony. The day began with grey clouds and drizzle when we started at Colleen's apartment. She and her girls started the day getting ready at her apartment. But it soon cleared up as we headed to the Golf Club, which by the way is one of the most beautiful settings.

Collen and Matt are a truly special couple, it really made photographing them so much easier. The love they shared is amazing. It made me feel lucky and blessed to be there.

I have to say, Colleen had an amazingly talented make up artist, Christi Reynolds. Colleen was absolutely beautiful and exquisite, like a classic movie star. Christi, you are talented!

In the car, on the drive to the golf Club; Colleen getting excited and hamming it up for the camera. I can work with a bride like her any day!

A bridal shot of the beautiful bride.

Waiting to walk down the aisle, Collen and her father. I love this shot!

The bride at her ceremony.

They are married!!

She takes my breath away.

Their miniature wine bottle favors. I have to say that edible favors are always a hit!

Matt's awesome groom cake that his mom made.

The best cake cutting yet, not only did Colleen smash cake into one of her bridesmaid's face, she smeared it!!

From their first dance.

I love this, I know the focus in the pic are the hands, but it really shows Matt in pain getting pinned for their money dance. Ouch!

A funny one as Matt dives in for the garter.

More fun and festivities.

One shot for MySpace!

The bride resting her feet at the end of the day!

This is honestly why I love shooting people and especially weddings. The love, the emotions and the honesty. I am lucky to be doing what I love and working with such great people!

Congratulations Colleen & Matt!!! Have fun at your cruise!

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